Sunday, August 31, 2008

Summer is Almost Over (Part 2)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from Santorini. What a beautiful and romantic island. Nick and I spent most of our days relaxing and drinking. I came back with an amazing tan and Nick… well let’s just say Nick came back with some severely burned ankles! And I have to say for the men who read our blog… every guy should own a pair of Reef flip flops, which have a beer bottle opener on the bottom of each shoe! I know I laughed at first too, until we were at the beach with our Mythos beer, and discovered we had no bottle opener. Then Nick “always thinking” Carrillo, took off his shoe and saved the day!
Our first day in Oia.

A random picture of a gate has become one of my favorite pictures of Santorini. Go figure!

Church in Oia.

City of Oia

Nick in Thira

Famous Oia Sunset

Nick at Kamari beach with his bottle opener!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Summer is Almost Over

Where did the summer go? It’s hard to believe summer is almost over and I hardly have tan lines! Before you start feeling sorry for me, I though I would rewind the clock and think back to the beginning of summer when Nick and I embarked on an amazing adventure: London & Santorini. Here are a few of our favorite pictures from London.