Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh Herb Where Are You?

Two weeks ago, I was on a planting frenzy. Spring was in the air and I felt compelled to start my first herb garden. I started with a few of my favorites: pink rosemary, German thyme, pineapple sage, sweet basil and Roma tomatoes. So far so good. My plants continue to look perky and if I look really close I can see a ton of new growth. Thanks Andrea for the tip about covering your plants. I bought some green tulle that’s working out great.  On a sad note my flowers aren’t doing so hot. One afternoon I had 10 fatalities, after Stella had an eating binge on zinnias and ranunculus. Not to mention she ate my “test” germination of sunflower seeds. Oh Vey.

Well I’m not going to let this minor set back ruin my dreams for a green thumb. This summer I’m determined to prove I can have an organic garden on my patio….. with a very curious dog.

Wish me luck and send me tips!

Day one with the herbs from Bonnie Plants. The biodegradable pots are made from recycle paper and the same peat moss that is used to supplement garden soils. The only pot of its kind available, Bonnie’s biodegradable Jiffy pots can be put into the soil “pot, plant, and all." As the pot disintegrates it becomes part of the soil. Pretty Cool!!

Stella sleeping after a long day of gardening...

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Wine & Wrestling

My good friends Tiara and Nick came over with their 9 month old German Short Hair Roxy. It was a play date made in heaven! Stella and Roxy had 10 rounds of Wrestle Mania in the middle of our front room. Although I would never allow “roughhousing” in my house, when you live in an apartment sometimes the options aren’t always there. So against my better judgment we moved the coffee table and gathered around the front room and watch the dogs play while we chatted and drank wine! The “girls” got along great. By the end of the night, Stella was drenched with Roxy’s slobber. For anyone who has a puppy, it’s amazing to see how much energy they have. Play dates become your saving grace as it’s one of the few ways they can really burn off energy. As soon as Roxy left, Stella was out for the count. I think she slept for 10 hours and when I tried to wake her up this morning, she looked at me as if to say “momma you’ve gotta to be kidding me!”
Whatcha doing?
Taking a break with Nick
Whatcha eating?
Notice the hole in our carpet? Lesson number 368.
Don’t leave Stella home alone.
The girls

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Hey Lady Whatcha Readin’

This month I’m reading PUSH, the book that inspired the motion picture SAPHIRE. (Thanks Beth for letting me borrow!) Already 20 pages into the book and I’m still in shock about how much swearing is in the book! Looks like it will be be a quick read, so my goal will be to finish in 3 weeks (give or take). Once I’m finished reading, I think I’ll rent the movie. I always like to compare movies to books.
Over the weekend I rented the Time Travelers Wife. If anyone saw the movie, I would highly recommend reading the book. I felt the movie left out SOOOOO many important details. This book was recommended by my sisiter (Thank you Steph) years ago and after reading it, I fell in love with Henry & Claire. For me it was one of those I can’t put it down, would read it a 1,000 times, AMAZING book!!
Let me know if you have any MUST READ books! I’m always looking for new suggestions!

The cover of Push

Saw this picture in google images for PUSH.....

Friday, March 12, 2010

It's Official ...............

Fabrizzia & John  are getting married….in Venice, Italy!
How stoked are we!!!!!

Our tickets are booked.

The response card is in the mail.

The countdown has officially begun!

Check out the BEAUTIFUL wedding invitation Fabrizzia made.
I think Martha Stewart would be quite impressed.

Friday, March 5, 2010

Alice in Central Park

After months of anticipation, Tim Burton’s Alice In Wonderland is finally here! Although reviews are mixed, I thought I would post some pictures I took of the famous Alice and Wonderland characters in Central Park. This whimsical statue makes you want to be a kid gain. To read about this famous sculpture visit:
Also, if you are looking to buy some whimsical Alice and Wonderland pottery, Fishs Eddy in NYC sells fun plates, glasses and accessories with the Alice and Wonderland characters on them. If you can’t visit the charming Broadway location, check out their website This is one of my FAVORITE stores to visit. They sell the best vintage ceramic dishes and glassware. Setting a table will never be boring again!
A whimsical Alice plate.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

NYC How I Love Thee

A few Sundays ago, I spent the day in beautiful Central Park. Although I secretly wished it was summer, it was neat to see the park in its dormant state. With the great lawn covered in snow and the spring flowers still waiting to make their grand debut, I quickly fell in love with the naked trees that cover Central Park. Here are a few of my favorite pictures from the day.

A view of a tree from laying down on a park bench.
Love this picture of my shadow.  I think I need to downsize my handbag!
I really like the movement of this shot.
Winter Wonderland.
The Plaza Hotel from the trees perspective.