Friday, May 21, 2010

Drive into the Tuscany Sun

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Would you trust me to drive in Italy? Probably not. I hate driving. In my dream world I would be chauffeured around town in a black Lincoln town car with tinted windows. You can probably guess Nick will be teaching our kids how to drive.  Definitely not me. I still have nightmares about Marge teaching me how to drive. Did I ever tell you about the time I drove into the garage and crashed the Dodge Caravan into Marge and our dryer?  Not a pretty picture! (Don’t worry, Marge and the dryer were able to walk away from the incident with little damage).

So when my good friend Emily suggested we rent a car and drive to Tuscany all I have to say is ...“Not it!"

To be continued ...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Heaven or Hell

Whatever happened to checking a book out from the library? Why do people have to buy their own books? 
Last summer I decided to get a library card, mainly because I was feeling cheap.  At the time I felt  like whenever I bought a book, I would read it once and then it would sit on a shelf collecting dust until I decided to donate it to Goodwill.  

After becoming a regular at the library, I found out that due to the economic hardships faced by the City of Long Beach, there had been major cuts to the library book budget.  In attempts to keep the library up to date with new publications, the city created a wish list on  What a brilliant idea!  When you think about it, donating a $20 book is cheap. This is something anyone can do. Over the last few months whenever I've felt compelled to buy my "own" book, I've bought the City of Long Beach a book instead.  Giving back is a great feeling and when you're part of a community it's important to support your city in anyway you can. To support the Long Beach Public Library check out their WISH LIST. 

So with that said, this month I'm reading There's A (Slight) Chance I might be Going To Hell

I decided after reading PUSH and The Memory Keeper's Daughter it was time for something light hearted. So far so good.  I love the writing style of Laurie Notaro. Already I've had several laugh out loud moments and I'm only 50 pages into the book.  Hopefully this book will keep me entertained over the next few weeks. 

So what are you reading??? I'm always looking for something new........

Monday, May 10, 2010

Mamma Mexicana with a side of Miguelito

The first week of May was jam-packed with events.  With Cinco de Mayo,  Mother's Day and Michael's Birthday happening within a week of each other, Nick and I thought it would be a grand idea to combine these events together and host a "Mamma Mexicana with a side of Miguelito" event.   

Our dinner menu was simple. We drank Ruby sangria with fresh fruit and ate homemade carnitas.  To alleviate a huge kitchen mess, we bought already made rice and beans from our favorite neighborhood restaurant El Pico De Gallo Grill‎.  Their handmade tortillas and salsa were the perfect compliment to our meal. To top off the night, we brought out a pinata filed with scratcher tickets, chocolate and tchotchkes.   At the end of the night, Nick and I couldn't help but wonder... what took us so long to bring a pinata to an adult party?  I think this is something we should bring to the next Gunderman Christmas party. What do you think?

Our chic Mexican theme table

The Mamma's and Miguelito (aka Uncle Mike)

Paul setting up the pinata.  Notice how we wrappedd the outside post, so we wouldn't do any structural damage.  You have to admit we are hitting the pinata really close to the house!

Tyler taking a swing
Watch out GG is up to bat!

Off with his head!

Hopefully our children won't have my athletic ability (or lack there of!)

Mamma Beth  up to bat

Sugar RUSH

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Elmo is Getting Married!!

Although May is all about mom's and proms, today has officially kicked of wedding season for Nick and I.  This summer we have 3 to go to.   Today we showered  my cousin Erica with LOVE and cheer at her bridal shower in San Francisco.
Pretty shower invitation with Erica's wedding colors navy & orange

View from the Butterfly Restaurant

Beautiful girls (all related!)

She's a pro!  Erica brought her own razor blade to the shower. 
No one is going to mess up this brides manicure.

Steph, Tina & Dana
Erica opening my present

My "oh Martha" handmade (by me) flowers

Me and the bride to be with the ribbon bouquet I made
(what a stressful job!)

Tasty cupcakes made by Travis!!  Yum Yum