Friday, October 15, 2010

And the TROPHY goes to

After eating a hamburger the equivalent of my body weight, I could barely move and was suddenly feeling a food coma take over my body.  Secretly wanting to ask the waiter to wheel me out of the restaurant, I quickly came out of my coma when I discovered this AWESOME  cupcake bakery across the street (apparently, I can always make room for cupcakes)! 

This darling store front had my name all over it.  Tiffany blue decor, whimsical cards and fun gifts.

I secretly heart these french bar stools!

OMG! You can pick a fun toy for your cupcake (with a small fee)! 

The girl who packed my cupcakes... (yes, I asked if I could take her picture.)

A long journey...  here are the cupcakes during our cab ride to the airport.

Name: Trophy Cupcakes and Party
Location: Seattle and Bellevue, Washington
Price: $3 a cupcake
Claim to Fame: Martha Stewart has visited their shop
My Favorite Flavor: Peanut Butter and Jelly.  (For real this cupcake tasted like your mom's p&j sandwich!)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Bring Texture Into Your Life

I think TEXTURE is my new Favorite Word!
My parents don't realize it yet, but my secret goal is to slowly makeover their house one room at a time.  It's not that my parent's house is outdated. They certainly aren't stuck in 1992.  After living on my own for 11 years, I've become a  DIY type of a gal and just because I'm back home my decorating and gardening passion  shouldn't have to stop.  So with October here, I felt Bill and Marge needed some texture in front of the house.     

Step 1. Stella and I went to Osh (yes, I brought her in the store with me! She can pass as a service dog.) We bought these great full sun perennial plants.  I love the texture of the bright green ipomea  mixed with the purple angelonia.  

Step 2. Buy some exotic pumpkins (with great texture).  Cinderella pumpkins is an ornamental novelty pumpkin. Deeply ridged, exceptionally flattened fruits and weighs 25-30 lbs. You should have seen me digging through the box at Trader Joe's trying to find the perfect 20 lbs pumpkin. 

 Step 3. Stop Stella from eating the stem of the tiger pumpkin.

Step 4. The finished product. I should have taken a picture of the front of the house, but thought it would be more exciting to show a picture of the dogs.

A Day at the Park

A few weeks ago I had a chance to hangout at the park with Tyler and Drew.  I'm not sure who had a better time, me or Tyler (it had been forever, since I had gone down a slide!)   Although Drew is too little to play on the monkey bars, it was precious to see Beth holding him with his sun hat!
The kids were in a heavy discussion, deciding which parent should push them.  Tyler told them Auntie Jenn could push them, no problem!

Holding on for dear life!

Mr. Sandman - the results of a faceplant in the sand.

This cute girl saw me take Tylers SANDY picture and insisted I take her picture.  After I took her picture, she ran back to me and wanted me to re-play the picture, so she could see if it was a good picture or not! 

Mr. Drew, looking so cute in his overalls and sun hat.

Momma Beth with Drew

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sundate: Haunted Beach

Happy October Everyone! This is my favorite month of the year (seriously!).  Thought I'd post some random pictures I took of Sundate at the beach.  Nick surprised me with a trip to this darling  B &B.  If you're ever in Laguna I would totally check this place out. Insider tip: We had the most AMAZING  complimentary gourmet brunch.  Don't judge just yet.  This breakfast was anything but ordinary.  The chef supports the Slow Foods Movement and had a decadent menu including sweet potato waffles and a onion brie tart!

I never noticed this spooky castle before.
Two Love Sandals (um.. or birds)

Me and Nick

Me trying to be patient as Nick takes my picture.

Love the contrast of this black and white photo.