Friday, March 25, 2011

Flowers in the City

"Spring is nature's way of saying, "Let's party!" -  Robin Williams

It finally stopped raining for a nanosecond!  Couldn't resist snapping a few photos while walking to work this morning (I guess it pays to keep a camera in your purse at all times!)

Macy's flower box 

Cherry Blossom Tree in San Francisco's Union Square 

 Yellow Mellow in Union Square 

San Francisco Union Square monument to Admiral George Dewey

 A candid non glamour picture of me (next time I have an improptu moment I should put lipstick on!)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Tomato Tomato

Spring is here!!!  Well sort of. Weather in San Francisco continues to be rainy, but that's not stopping me from gardening.  For the last month I've my dad has been germinating tomato seeds.  Sounds nerdy, but it's very simple (and EXTREMELY rewarding).  My dad has been growing tomatoes by seed for the last 5 years.  Each summer he extracts the tomato seeds from his crop and re-germinates them the following spring. If you're interested in harvesting tomato seeds click HERE.

 Last years tomato crop of early girls, yellow and red heirloom tomatoes.

Growing tomatoes in the Bay Area. Early girls, yellow and red heirlooms tomatoes 10 days after planting.

Secret Tip: We  Bill has been watering the seedlings with chamomile tea because it helps prevent fungal growth!  Chamomile is sometimes known as "the plant doctor", because it is thought to help the growth and health of many other plants, especially ones that produce essential oils. It is thought to increase production of those oils, making certain herbs, like mints (spearmint, sage, oregano) and basil stronger in scent and flavor. source

The tomato plants 5 weeks after planting.

Because the weather has been so terrible, the tomato plants have been parked on our kitchen window ledge for the last 5 weeks.  When it's sunny outside the plants get to sunbathe for a couple of hours.  Despite the challenging weather, Bill is obviously doing something right! I can't believe how green and beautiful these plants are.  

Secret Tip: We've been collecting rain water and feeding it to the plants.  Nerdy (I know), but it's common to harvest rain water for irrigation purposes.

Stay tuned for more tomato and gardening tips!

 Stella last summer hiding in the tomato plants!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Arigato Hawaii

Watch Out - March 10, 2011.
12 hours before Honolulu was issued a tsunami warning.    

Work brought me to Hawaii this week.  As usual it was all work and no play, but I did treat myself to a vacation day and was able to take a few photos and work on my tan.  During this trip I discovered the lovely combination of ice tea and pineapple juice. Amazingly refreshing but also potentially dangerous when adding vodka to the mix!

For you foodies out there: I discovered Red sea salt. This salt is gathered from the sea along the reefs in Hawaii and mixed with Alaea, a rich volcanic red clay, much more potent than regular sea salt and your average table salt.

Lastly, I discovered a cool new hotel called the EDITION.  Swanky & cool, this setting was amazing.  For a casual dinner and drink check out Morimoto Waikiki
Note Worthy: The trilogy book set of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was available for purchase at the hotel gift shop.  Need I say more!  

Perfect Palm Trees before the rain storm. March 2011

The War Memorial - March 10, 2010 - Waikiki, Hawaii

The War Memorial - Waikiki, Hawaii

Star Beach Boys - Yellow Umbrella

A girl and her dog - Waikiki, Hawaii