Sunday, June 27, 2010

Italy Top 150

It wasn't easy, but Nick and I managed to put together our top 150 favorite pictures from Italy.  This was no easy task as we took over 1,300!  

Hope you enjoy and let us know if you have a favorite. 

Everyone Needs an Alice

In college when most people are relieved to be free from mandatory Saturday chores and dish duty I became extremely neurotic about keeping a tidy apartment.  I quickly was give the nickname Monica (aka from friends), as I would police the roommates on cleaning our apartment.  Emily and Tiara recently reminded me of the time we had a huge party at our apartment and when someone spilled a beer, I was quickly at their feet with Resolve blotting out the stain! 

Although I have become a little more relaxed about cleaning,who wouldn't want someone like Alice Turner living with you full time taking care of the everyday mundane tasks. Unfortunately for me and you we don't have an Alice living with us 24 -7, but we can make doing daily chores significantly more fun with the help of Alice Supply co. Named after the famous Brady Bunch housekeeper, Alice Supply has taken the common broom, dustpan, plunger and toolbox and gave them a whimsical makeover.

Although I wouldn't normally suggest  giving cleaning supplies as a gift, I think these items are so fun it could make a great housewarming present or bridal shower gift.  I especially love the 10 quart metal bucket.  This could be used for washing the car or as my husband suggested chilling beers.....

Clearly my husband and I have different thoughts on housecleaning. 

To find your local Alice retailer visit:

Thursday, June 17, 2010

F + J Wedding

Hard to believe we’ve been back for almost two weeks and haven’t posted any pictures of the wedding! If you’re curious to see my outfit or the wedding party click here.

Note: I’m still experimenting with our new photo site so if it’s not easy to navigate let me know…..
Then again since there are only four of you reading my blog, five on a good day, I won’t stress too much! If your reading this and haven’t become a follower, today I am offering a prize for the first person who joins my blog!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Meet Drew

I got the best treat this morning. I was able to meet my nephew Drew before going to NYC! Check out the beautiful baby and his mom and dad.  I love the picture of Tyler meeting his new brother for the first time.  I guess the introduction was a little tricky at first, but Tyler eventually warmed up and quickly asked why his belly button doesn't look like Drew's.  



Next Stop: NYC

Kate Spade taxi gloves

It's been 48 hours of trains, planes and automobiles (not to mention boats and my walking shoes)!  In the last 12 days Nick and I have been to Washington DC, Madrid, Venice, Bologna, Florence, Tuscany, La Spezia, Santa Margarita, Cinque Terre, Portofino, and Chicago.  (Maybe I shouldn't count the DC and Chicago airport as a place, but you get the picture... we've covered a LOT of ground in a short period of time!) I can't wait to post some pictures and recap our adventures, but before I can start, I 'm jetting off again to fabulous NYC for work.  I think when all of this travel comes to a stop, I will finally understand what it means to be jet-lagged!

Until Next Time