Saturday, July 24, 2010

Do Over: F + J Wedding

I think I'm finally getting the hang of the Shutterfly album feature, so I wanted to re-post F + J's wedding pictures from Venice.  Hard to believe they got married almost 2 months ago! 

Thursday, July 22, 2010

HOT = Palm Springs

Location: Palm Springs

Hotel: Villa Royale Inn (Bed & Breakfast)

Vibe: Think Peggy Guggenheim minus the Picasso and Salvador Dali paintings.

Hotel Room Decor:  Although the rooms were incredibly clean, the decor was outdated  (think TV show Family Ties circa 1986).

Unexpected Surprise: IllyCoffee (Need I say more).

Biggest Disappointment: Jenn’s attempt at a cannon ball. Nick said the splash was equivalent to a meatball!

Things To Do:  If you’re itching to gamble (or people watch) check out Spa Resort Casino

Would We Go Back: YES!!! It was fun staying at a B & B. The service was great.  We were able to bring drinks and snacks by the pool and since the place isn't mainstream, it was actually quiet and relaxing. Imagine that!!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Dogs and Babies

Can you find the baby among all the plaid and hair?

If you found the baby and are wondering who it is; if the facial expression doesn't give it away, you probably know it's me.  My mom recently sent this to me after I was telling her how nervous I was about introducing  Stella to her new cousin Drew.  My mom suggested I keep Stella on a short leash and no matter what,  DO NOT  allow her to jump on Beth and the baby.

So glad to see my parents followed their own advise.  As the story goes, this picture was taken during my first meet and greet with my mom's beloved German Wire Hair, Saddle.  A kodak moment if I ever saw one.  I think this one in frame worthy...........

I See Tomato Blooms

It's been 14 weeks since I started my patio garden and my plants are looking fabulous.  So far they've  survived Stella (except for the sunflower seeds), our trip to Italy, Nick overwatering and June gloom.   After three major transplants, five trips to Home Depot and a new watering can, I just might have the Spiteri green thumb after all!

Check out the progress of my tomato plants!!!!

Update: The herbs are still growing strong.  Here is a picture after transplant number two a few weeks ago.  I highly recommend planting pink rosemary (not sure why it's called pink... it looks green to me!), best flavor ever.  Not to overpowering!   Also now that the weather is finally warming up, pineapple sage is the perfect accent in a mojito!