Sunday, August 7, 2011

Kayak Made for Two

Over the bridge and through the woods, to kayaking we go.
(Golden Gate Bridge: in motion 2011)
Taken from our car's sunroof! 

Last weekend Nick talked me into kayaking in Sausalito.  
My reaction: "Aren't there sharks in Sausalito?" 

Much to my dismay, I went along for the ride and tried to channel my inner coxswain.  What could have been a disaster, turned out to be a great Saturdate activity.  Nick and I quickly found our rhythm and enjoyed an hour rowing around the bay.        

Nick: "I told you this would be fun!" 

I think my husband was relieved because: 
A. We didn't see any sharks.
B. He wasn't stuck rowing the kayak by himself.
C. The weather was sunny and the water was calm.
D. All of the Above

City: Sausalito, CA 
Next Time: Make kayaking reservation first thing in the morning.  
Grab brunch at Le Garage Bistro