Friday, August 27, 2010

Life Lesson #452

If you find a screw on the floor, you shouldn't throw it away as it probably goes to something VERY important... like your refrigerator door.  

A few weeks ago Nick came home late from work and innocently opened up the refrigerator door and it literally fell off the hinges and onto the floor.  My typical self would have started yelling, but instead I grabbed my camera and took the below pictures.  Sometimes when life gives you lemons, all you can do is laugh and drink lemonade.

Nick - "Jenn what did you do to the refrigerator door?" 

OMG - the refrigerator door just came off!  Now what?

Keep in mind, this happened at around midnight, so waiting to deal with this in the morning wasn't an option!

Dogs Love Cupcakes Too

Below are some fun pictures I took of Stella and Roxanne enjoying their first Sprinkles pupcake! 

Name: Sprinkles
Location: Palo Alto, CA
Pupcake Price: $2.50
Cupcake Price: $3.25
Unique Flavor for humans: Chai Latte
Dog Bed: Title Track by Molly Mutt

Pupcakes from Sprinkles

Roxanne holding the pupcake bag

Stella sniffing her pupcake bag

Roxanne and Stella patiently waiting for me to stop taking pictures

Finally Marge gives them their pupcake

The girls enjoying their pupcake
The girls licking the crumbs off the floor

Sunday, August 22, 2010

B is for Boznanski

Who doesn't love the the famous line "All You Need Is Love," written by John Lennon in 1967. Although it's a simple saying it has a deep truth to it.  Yesterday Erica and Blake got married.  It was an amazing day that went by WAY to fast.  Below are a few pictures from the day.  I was only going to post ten, but ended up with two extras!

Erica and Blake - I wish you a life full of love, laughter, and cheer! CONGRATULATIONS

1. The brides bouquet, with mini picture frames of her grandparents.

 2. The bridesmaids admiring the view from the hotel.

 3. A picture perfect day in the city.  So glad there was no fog!!! 

 4. The bride with her six bridesmaids.

 5. Retro super glam mirror.

6. Aunt Teri looking like a brunette Grace Kelly.

7. Gio and Mommy Julie.

8. The bride and her family. 

 9. "I'm getting married in 15 minutes and I can't stop smiling!"

10. Chrissy Field with the bridal party.
11. Mr. & Mrs. Boznanski.

12. Our place cards looked like concert tickets. 
The tickets looked so real, my dad thought he was going to a Counting Crows concert!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Real Flavor. Real History.


In 1849, the Boudin family struck culinary gold. Wild yeasts in the San Francisco air had imparted a unique tang to their traditional French bread, giving rise to “San Francisco sourdough French bread.” Today, the Boudin family's initial recipe lives on in the hands and hearts of our expert bakers, with a portion of the original mother dough still starting each and every sourdough loaf we make. Boudin history since 1849. (credit)

Boudin for breakfast has been my parents weekend "go to" spot since they became empty Nester's.  This morning I decided to crash their party and joined them for a lovely (but long) walk along the Embarcadero.  When we reached Pier 39, the fresh breakfast croissant sandwich melted in my mouth and my french roast coffee was a perfect compliment to my meal.

Name: Boudin
Where: Pier 39 Location
Price: $4.95
What I had: Egg scramble on a croissant with Cheddar cheese and ham.
Secret Surprise: Not all Boudin's serve breakfast, so check with your local Boudin before you get your heart set on a breakfast sandwich or their famous French toast.

A view from the pier bench

Hot cup of Joe

Dad with his sandwich

Yum Yum.... egg, cheddar cheese on a fresh croissant


After living in Long beach for almost 11 years, I'm having to reacquaint myself with the Bay Area. A lot has changed since I last lived here and the next few months will be about first time experiences and rediscovering a place I love. This week I discovered a gourmet sandwich shop. Although I usually gravitate to ma &  pa sandwich shops this gourmet sandwich shop is worth trying out.  Besides there are only 3 locations total; San Francisco, New York and Las Vegas.

Name: 'witchcraft (cute name for a sandWich shop)
Where: 868 Mission & 5th, San Francisco (by Westfield Centre)
Price: $5.95 - $9.50
Fun Fact: Tom Colicchio head judge of Bravo's Top Chef,  founded ’wichcraft with partners Sisha Ortuzar and Jeffrey Zurofsky in 2003.
Favorite Sandwich: Roasted turkey, avocado, bacon, onion relish & aioli on ciabatta roll. See picture below.

Photo Credit

Feeling adventurist, try making your own sandwich with this cookbook available on

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Bay Area Beginnings

Teacake Bake Shop

It's barely been 24 hours since I've reached my new/old home and I've already discovered "The Mecca"... my new go to spot for cupcakes, cookies and other must haves.

Location: Burlingame Avenue
Price: $3 a cupcake
Fun Fact: This darling bake shop has happy hour!  Between 4 - 6 their cupcakes are half price and they offer $1 frosting shots!
Favorite Flavor: Chocolate Sour Cream Cake with Dulce de Leche Buttercream Frosting

Me and my sour cream chocolate cupcake with dolce de leche buttercream frosting.

Pretty cupcakes

Mom & Dad discussing what cupcake they like best

Stella eyeballing the cupcakes

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Breakfast for Dinner

Emily and AJ's BIG day!

"Once upon a time there was a boy who loved a girl, and her laughter was a question he wanted to spend his life answering" 
Nicole Krauss
The History of Love 

The above quote was printed on the back of the ceremony program and I thought the wording was a perfect way to start this blog entry.   The evening was a perfect summer night, elegant, cool with a touch of the unexpected. I think the pictures speak for themselves. 

 1. Oh Martha - Love the Just Married sign at the entrance of the Croal's backyard

 2. Simple and Chic decorated the family style dinner tables 

 3. Photo station allowed guest to get dressed up and have their picture taken.  Super cute idea!

4. Breakfast for dinner! I was so excited to take this picture, I didn't realize it was out of focus. :(

 5. The Wedding Cake with the bride and groom topper 

 6. Desert with poolside view. Yum Yum!

 7. The Bride and Groom's first dance.  I love Emily's blue shoes!

 8. Cousin Ian and Ryan dancing

 9. Elvis our entertainment for the evening

 10. Beth and Nat on the dance floor

 11. The Wedding Train

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Change is inevitable...

except from vending machines - author unknown

After living in the LBC for almost 11 years, it's time to go home.  

This Sunday I'm moving back to the Bay.  I remember the day I left home and cried hysterically from San Bruno to Bakersfield, convinced I made a lethal mistake.  
All I thought was "what if I hate it?"
Nothing prepared me for the opposite "what if I fall in love?"

It's been a decade full of great memories, good friends, love, laughter and cheer.  

To new beginnings........