Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Sundate: Concert in the Park

The tradition of Sundate is back, now that the hubby and I are living under one roof.  Praise the lord!  Last Sunday Nick planned our date (with Stella) and we went to Golden Gate Park and enjoyed a free concert featuring the San Francisco Symphony!  Before we made our way to the park (which hubby keeps calling The Great Park... not sure why) we went to the Fatted Calf and bought our picnic goodies.  If you love meat this is the place for you. In addition to selling meats they have a great selection of fresh baguettes, olives and cheese. 
Our picnic was delicious and spending a lazy Sundate in Golden Gate Park is an easy and inexpensive activity to do.

Location: 320 Fell Street, San Francisco
DYK: The Fatted Calf offers classes.  Yup that's right!  You can take a class and learn the basics of curing meat, making pates, sausage, salumi! and even learn how to breakdown a whole hog into it's various useful parts.  Now nothing sounds more romantic then learning how to breakdown a hog together as a couple.  Maybe I should plan this for a future Sundate.......   

 Do you recognize anyone in this photo?

 This meat case is worth drooling over!

 Happy hour doesn't have to be for cocktails! 

 Concert in Golden Gate Park at Sharon Meadows

Stella relaxing in the sun while enjoying the music!