Monday, October 3, 2011

Fall Flower Revamp

October is my favorite month.  Here in San Francisco we experience warm summer days and cool nights.  Although most of our summer flowers are in their last blooming stage, it's too early to say goodbye to great landscaping.  Below are a few pictures of what I did over the weekend to add some texture and color to our front yard.

  Organized chaos:  Utilizing our front lawn as my workspace. 

Fall Rustic Flower combination (full sun)
African Daisy, Ipomoea (twining vines), Lemon Thyme, Purple Annual Flowers.
Tip: Know your climate.  The death of a plant often happens because we choose a plant because it looks great, but we don't plant it in the right climate.  Pay attention to the climate tags and make sure you select the best plant for your garden.

Fall Rustic Flower combination (full sun):  
Ipomoea (twining vines), Scottish Moss, African Daisy 
Tip: A classic terracotta pot is always a timeless choice. 

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